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Chiropractic Manipulation Influences on Work Performance

Chronic Headaches and the Pill Industry

The advertisements are everywhere—at the supermarket, gas station, billboards, or TV—compelling us to ingest this pill or that drug if we have any aches or pains and they will go away. But have you ever thought about how you, the consumer, are being manipulated? These over-the-counter drugs are a booming industry and make huge profits […]

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Fibromyalgia and Its Causes

The fibromyalgia diagnosis is based on widespread bodily AND spinal pain. Most patients think that fibromyalgia is more a problem related to how intensely the brain  perceives pain. While this is important, you have to also consider why the fibromyalgia patient is susceptible to such little pressure at various points. What makes their nerves so […]

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Carpal Tunnel and “Manual Techniques”

Manual techniques refers to massage, deep tissue mobilization, and manipulation of the joints. These procedures are performed by chiropractors as a mainstay of their treatment. Several studies have shown that these techniques are helpful at reducing carpal tunnel symptoms. Sometimes scar tissue and tightness of the muscles of the forearms develop. Specific stretching exercises are […]

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Low Back Pain and Failed Back Surgery

Back surgery is quite common in the United States with hundreds of thousands of operations performed each year. Sometimes these are laminectomies and diskectomies, and other times the spine is fused together so certain joints no longer move—a critical spinal function. The conservative medical approach/thinking to back pain is rest, medications, exercise, and physical therapy. […]

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Whiplash and Muscle Weakness

Whiplash involves the over-stretching of nerves, muscles, and ligaments. The forces are so great during even low speed collisions that the muscles cannot resist the forces. The injury of whiplash produces inflammation to repair the damaged tissues. During this time, fast movements of your head and neck will result in pain, so most patients become […]

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