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How Important is Sleep?

Time for a Comprehensive Approach?

Fibromyalgia (FM) affects millions of Americans each year. The back and neck pain, sleep problems, headaches and so on add up to a syndrome that has a lot of disease over-lap. Patients with headaches are more likely to suffer from fibromyalgia. Irritable bowel syndrome is also more common among those with FM. It’s important not […]

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Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most patients with carpal tunnel syndrome will put up with their symptoms for days and weeks until they’re troubling enough to bring to a doctor’s attention. Their doctor should rule out certain causes for the hand pain (such as diabetes) and focus the examination on the wrist and other anatomic sites where nerve compression may […]

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Get Moving?

Fibromyalgia affects 1-3% of the United States population and approximately the same percentage of the population is affected by chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a closely related disease. Up to 18 million adults in any given year report these symptoms, making them a substantial public health problem. Women seem to be more affected than men. […]

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Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) have hand and wrist symptoms that range from tingling and numbness to pain and weakness. Some occupations see more of this disease than others. For example, workers who use vibratory hand tools and those who engage in repetitive flexion motions of the wrist seem to be at greatest risk. […]

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“My Accident Was 2 Years Ago… Could that Cause My Neck Pain Today?”

The short answer is yes. But let’s look at how the neck is injured in whiplash and why a trauma from years earlier can produce symptoms today. Even in more moderate motor vehicle collisions with substantial car damage, symptoms rarely come on the day of the injury. When symptoms do occur immediately, this is a […]

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