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Chronic Conditions That Benefit from Exercise

Fibromyalgia: What Is It and How Do Different Doctors Deal with It?

At least 2% of the United States population, or six million people, mostly women, have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. This is a chronic (long-term) disease, which is characterized by widespread pain of at least three months duration at multiple body sites, including the legs or arms and the spine. For many years, some doctors thought […]

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Major Study Questions the Use of Muscle Relaxants, Pain Medications, and NSAIDs in Whiplash

A 2007 scientific review (Chochrane Database Syst Rev, July 2007) casts doubt on many common whiplash treatments. Despite billions spent on scientific research each year, it is surprising that many common treatments lack valid scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness. As studies accumulate in libraries, some groups take an interest in figuring out the data […]

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The Importance of Headache Diagnosis

All good doctors know the importance of getting an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s problem. But why is this so important? It’s important because it’s difficult to achieve a positive treatment outcome without knowing more about what disease or injury is present. Unfortunately, when it comes to headaches, many patients do not receive an accurate […]

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Fibromyalgia and Long-Term Drug Use – Are There Alternatives?

Most patients with the severe pains of fibromyalgia consult medical doctors for help. Although many patients use chiropractors and other alternative approaches, most continue to use analgesics (pain medications) to get through the day. These drugs come in a wide variety and help with varying degrees of success, but all will have unintended side effects, […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Gliding Exercises

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are usually prescribed stretching exercises by medical and chiropractic doctors, as well as physical therapists. In this syndrome, the median nerve is often constricted by a swollen nerve sheath, or malalignment of the wrist bones that form the hole that the nerve glides through. If there is inflammation or scar […]

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The Low Back Pain Diagnosis and Why It Is important

With any health condition, most doctors agree an accurate diagnosis is important. But with low back pain, it seems that many sufferers postpone a visit to the doctor in hopes that it will go away on its own. It’s no wonder many patients take this approach, since advertisements continually tell us that relief comes in […]

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Whiplash Down the Road

Whiplash injuries of the neck and spine commonly occur in motor vehicle collisions. Even minor impacts with little vehicle damage can put significant stress on the spinal ligaments, disks, and delicate nerves. Some people get symptoms right after the accident (which is a very bad sign) but most people feel somewhat unscathed, at least initially. […]

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